Eco Commitment

Collectibats loves our planet and is committed to eco-responsible packaging and shipping practices.

  • Pins are protected during shipping with unwaxed paper glassine envelopes which are recyclable, compostable and bio-degradable. Plus, they're semi-transparent so you can see your pin without the use of plastic! On occasion, we use biodegradable cellophane.
  • Packaging is branded using a rubber stamp and ink rather than plastic labels or stickers that will just be thrown away. When we use stickers on our mailers, they are printed on 100% recycled kraft paper.
  • Collectibats is switching to biodegradable mailers! In the mean time, if you receive a white mailer: The bubble layer is designed to be easily removable so you can recycle the paper and plastic layers separately. 
  • Collectibats pays for carbon-neutral shipping via Swiss Post pro clima (learn more)
  • If your order contains a plastic baggie, such as those used to package stickers or buttons, it is a repurposed bag provided by our enamel pin manufacturer.

There's always room for improvement! Here are some future efforts we're working towards:

  • Printing on 100% recycled paper for backing cards and other marketing materials + using alternatives to backing cards

  • Switching to Zero Waste thermolabels as soon as they become available!
  • Creating alternative packaging for conventions and brick and mortar products, for which we currently use cellophane packaging (which is fully biodegradable but manufactured with an earth-unfriendly process)
  • Using more local sources for printing and packaging materials rather than having them shipped

Thank you so much for supporting my art and my efforts towards an eco-responsible indie artist shop! You can follow my instagram to see my packaging experiments @collectibats