Bobattini Mini Pin - Batty for Boba

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Bobattini Mini Pin - Batty for Boba

Collectibats #21: Bobattini
Release date: Nov 2020
Bat: Bobat

The battiest of tapioca bubbles! This lil buddy was the freebie pin I created with the help of my backers for the "Batty for Boba" Kickstarter! If you missed out on the campaign, now's your chance to grab this lil cutie.

Note: May come on alternative packaging :)

• Hard enamel
• Black nickel plating
• 21 mm / .8 inch wide
• Adorable
• Two posts with rubber clutches for security
• Logo backstamp

Bobattini is good friends with Bobat, Redbean and Baobean!

Shipped with love from Switzerland. Designed by Emma Freed ♥