Funfetti - Battycakes Enamel Pin

Funfetti - Battycakes Enamel Pin

Collectibat #004: Funfetti
Release date: Jan 2020
Beans: Jellybean Cherry (2020) and Jellybean Citron (2020)

Are you ready for Funfetti? This Collectibat is the life of the party. The pin features a gold metal finish, two posts for secure fastening and red rubber pinbacks. Includes logo stamp on the back and a backing card exclusive to this design.

• Hard enamel
• 4cm / 1.5 inches wide
• Gold plated
• The sassiest

Funfetti enjoys the company of Collectibeans! Jellybean Cherry and Jellybean Citron are sold separately.

Shipped with love from Switzerland. Designed by Emma Freed ♥