Ita Bundles - Ita Batty and Bowbean

Ita Bundles - Ita Batty and Bowbean

Collectibats: #015 Ita Baggy/Batty and #017 Bowbean

Grab the set and save! Each bundle comes with ONE Ita pin, ONE Bowbean pin, and a matching ita sticker. Please select Sweet for the pink set and Spoopy for the purple and black set.

Ita Batty / Ita Baggy
• Hard enamel
• 34mm / 1.3 inches wide
• Gold plating

• Hard enamel
• 19 mm - 3/4 inch wide
• Seriously itty bitty!
• Pink is gold plated and purple is black nickel plated

These pins are also sold individually!
Shipped with love from Switzerland. Designed by Emma Freed ♥