More Handmade Clay Pins! Bats n Bows

More Handmade Clay Pins! Bats n Bows

My clay pins are here! These are handmade by me out of faience clay, glazed to bring out the colors and make them glossy. I've glued these to a gold-colored brooch back. Each is unique and has its own variations in the paint and finishing :) You can see some brushstrokes in the paint. I like to think they are charmingly imperfect!

• Around 4-5cm wide depending on the design (1.5" to 2")
• Select the style from the dropdown. If there are multiples of that design yours will be chosen randomly (or you can provide details in the order notes and I will do my best)
• Will be wrapped in reused bubble wrap. We are committed to eco-friendly packaging and have not purchased new plastic bubble wrap.

Looking for the heart pins? They can be found in my other clay pin listing!

Shipped from Switzerland with love. Made by Emma Freed ♥