SECONDS SALE! $5 Batty B-Grades

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SECONDS SALE! $5 Batty B-Grades

Collectibats pins at a discount! These are B-Grades, (slightly flawed pins), so they might have light scratching, marks or screen printing issues. They're still super cute though! See below for plating colors and width.

Pins available:
1. Battycakes Sprinkles (silver, 38mm)
2. Battycakes Funfetti (gold, 38mm)
3. Battycakes Ganache (gold, 38mm)
4. Jellybean Citron (silver, 25mm)
5. Moto Moon (gold, 35mm)
6. *Jellybean Cherry (gold, 25mm) *SOLDOUT*
7. Teddybat (gold, 44mm)
8. Snoozybean (gold, 24mm)
9. Glitterbox (black nickel, soft enamel, 25mm)
10. Ita Baggy (gold, 34mm)
11. Bowbean Purple (black nickel, 19mm)
12. Bowbean Pink (gold, 19mm)
13. Ita Batty (gold, 34mm)
14. Brewbat (black nickel, 33mm)
15. Boo!bean glitter (black nickel, 21mm)
16. Boo!bean with no glitter (black nickel, 21mm)
17. Bobat Classic (black nickel, 35mm)
18. Bobat Kickstarter Edition: Tarot (copper, 35mm)
19. Bobat Kickstarter Edition: Strawberry (silver, 35mm)
20. Bobat Honeydew (gold, 35mm)
21. Redbean (black nickel, 20mm)
22. Baobean (black nickel, 20mm)
23. *Bobattini (black nickel, 21mm) *SOLDOUT*

You can learn more about each pin on their individual listings!