Blat & Blatty - Mini Enamel Pins

Blat & Blatty - Mini Enamel Pins

Collectibat #025, #026: Blat & Blatty
Release date: February 2021
Bats: Blottybat & Quillybat

Teensee ink blats! See the second image for which one is which! Sold separately. Please note that these pins only have one post on the back rather than my usual two.

• Hard enamel
• Black nickel plating
• 20 mm / 3/4 inches wide
• 1 post with black rubber clutch
• Logo backstamp

Blat & Blatty enjoy the company of Collectibats! Blat and Blatty are sold separately, or you can buy them as a set.

Shipped with love from Switzerland. Designed by Emma Freed ♥