Ita Batty & Ita Baggy

Ita Batty & Ita Baggy

Collectibat #015 and #016: Ita Batty & Ita Baggy
Release date: August 2020
Beans: Bowbean (2020)

Ita bird! Ita plane! No, ita bat! Made with pin collectors in mind, these pins are perfect for your collection or to rock in your ita bag! What pins do you spot on their cute little faces? Select Ita Baggy for pink and Ita Batty for purple and black below ♥

• Hard enamel
• 34mm / 1.3 inches wide
• Gold plating

P.S. Collectibats enjoy the company of collectibeans! Bowbean is sold separately, or you can buy them as a set.

Shipped with love from Switzerland. Designed by Emma Freed ♥